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Hi, I’m Eleanne.

My team and I deliver the sales and marketing strategies and tools that co-founders and innovators need to scale their startups into multi-million dollar businesses.

I’m not just talking about a few individual ideas or about a Facebook or Google ad campaign. We deliver a connected marketing and sales program that helps scale your B2B and B2C products and services by helping you find the right leads, enter new markets, and nail the right strategic partnerships.


Over the past 20 years, I’ve honed in on my unique approach to create pivotal, game-changing partnerships that lead to direct sales or higher brand awareness and loyalty. 


I started out decades ago at McCann Erickson, one of the world’s leading ad agencies, designing high-touchpoint programs and promotions for global brands such as Nescafe, Coca-Cola, Gillette, and L’Oreal. Powered by my passion for entrepreneurship and love for building business relationships, I continued to help lead sales initiatives at early-stage startups, like eGroups (acquired by Yahoo), Kontera (acquired by Singtel), Taboola, and Waze.


Our methods require adopting new systems and tools which may be a bit unfamiliar and uncomfortable at first, but I can help you through it to achieve your biggest goals.


We give you the strategy and content
that you need to open new markets


Sales & Partnership Roadmap

My team and I will work with you to create a proven sales & partnership plan template that will ramp up your business growth and boost your bottom line. I will then coach you in implementing it.


Strategic Marketing Partnership Campaigns

My team and I will help you set up organic and paid strategic marketing campaigns for short term and long term growth.


Sales Content

Access all the relationship-building assets you need to grow your business, including drip email campaigns, blog posts, case studies and more.


Thought Leadership Podcasts

Claim your story by presenting your insights to a new audience and delivering extra value to existing users, with managed podcasts that cover everything from strategy to production to promotion.

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One of the best minds
to get you thinking outside the box!

-Eliana Atia
Marketing Manger, Syte

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